Red Eye Mods

Red EYE Mods

Hi sorry to tell that im too busy lately with life and work so i cant be around here and work on mods. i know i promised some updates but its a no go right now. ill stop by every now and then, try to help and answer your questions or even better if you help each other out. i  hope that one day i can continue my work on the mods. we'll see. ok. thank you all for the ideas and the support you gave me. stay safe smoothskins :)


For all questions regarding mod/pictures/issues please read the FAQ thread first >>LINK<<
and then if you still got questions post it in the forums.

This page is simply here to give the Fallout community easy access
to my mods and mods of friends.
It is a free and a non profit site created
with no intentions to upset anyone (copyright,site policies, etc)
For all issues that you may have regarding this site
please contact me. Igby

NO Mods from F3Underground will be uploaded to this site